Bedding Guide

How to use a Duvet Cover

Excited to elevate your bedroom with a RefineLuxe duvet cover, but feeling a bit uncertain about the process? You're not alone. Putting on a duvet cover can be tricky, but fear not, we're here to guide you through it.

RefineLuxe duvet covers are not only a tactile wonder, but they also bring an artistic touch to your bedroom. Crafted with the highest quality, our duvet covers have earned numerous five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Our collections feature expressive, designer-made duvets and covers that will captivate you, adding both comfort and beauty to your sanctuary. We're dedicated to setting new standards for home accessories and necessities.

Your duvet cover serves both the purpose of keeping things looking nice and protecting your comforter or duvet. We understand the importance of a pristine bedroom and that's why we've created this step-by-step guide to simplify the process for you. By following our instructions, you'll have a professional-looking duvet cover snugly fitted to your comforter in no time.

Step 1: Turn the duvet cover inside-out to easily envelop the duvet or comforter.

Step 2: Arrange the duvet cover on your bed, with the opening closer to the foot of the bed.

Step 3: Place your comforter or duvet on top of the duvet cover, smoothing out the areas.

Step 4: Starting from the head of the bed, roll both pieces together toward the foot of the bed.

Step 5: Invert the duvet cover around the ends of both sides of the stack.

Step 6: Close the duvet cover using its zipper or other attachment device.

Step 7: Unroll back toward the head of the bed and fluff.

Congratulations! Your duvet is now perfectly covered.

If you still need assistance, call your mom; she might be as puzzled as you, but at least you'll be figuring it out together.

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