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Ampure Duvet Cover Set

Ampure Duvet Cover Set

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4 Pieces Set includes: 1x Duvet Cover, 1x Bedsheet, 2x Pillowcases


Health Benefits

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Luxurious materials for deeper, healthier sleep.
  • Gentle on Skin: Perfect for sensitive skin, keeps away common allergens.
  • Optimal Temperature Regulation: Adapts to your body for comfort throughout the night.
  • Protects Skin and Hair: Minimizes friction to keep your skin and hair healthy.
  • Long-Lasting Luxury: Built to last, maintaining quality over time.
  • Stress Reduction: A good night’s sleep can significantly lower stress levels.

Bedding Description

Embrace luxury and health with our satin Ampure Duvet Cover Set. Designed for ultimate comfort, our premium satin sheets reduce friction, keeping your skin smooth and your hair looking great.

They're hypoallergenic, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, and help create a cleaner sleeping space. Enjoy better sleep quality with sheets that keep you just right, warm or cool, through any season.

Satin's softness reduces stress for deeper sleep, while durable and easy-care features ensure longevity. The duvet cover's zip closure simplifies making your bed, blending luxury with convenience.

Discover better sleep with RefineLuxe – where comfort meets health.

Care Guide

We recommend washing your sheets on a cool or warm cycle no more than 30°C/86°F, and line-drying to preserve the fibers, color, and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose a low heat and a low tumble cycle for the best results.

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Discover Transformative Results in Just One Month:

96% favoured this over traditional cotton pillowcases for its superior comfort and quality.

93% noticed significantly fewer tangles and smoother hair upon waking.

88% enjoyed a comfortably cool sleep throughout the night.

*Results from a survey study involving 80 participants over a 30 day period

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What size should I pick?

Duvet Cover
Full (Double) W 180cm x L 220cm
Queen W 200cm x L 230cm
King     W 220cm x L 240cm



Full (Double) W 230cm x L 250cm
Queen W 230cm x L 250cm
King     W 230cm x L 250cm



Standard W 74cm x L 48cm 



What is the thread count?


Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric in a bedding product.

What is included?

4 Pieces Set includes: 1x Duvet Cover, 1x Bedsheet, 2x Pillowcases

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